Wednesday, 3 July 2013

VRacer - New Car Racing Simulator

VRacer Car Racing Banner With VRacer, you get real-time physics with actual damage modeling and next-generation graphics combine into a dynamic, tricked-out car racing experience where players twist and turn, grind and gear up, performing dangerous stunts while racking up points as they race to the finish on an international track. Simply put, Vracer is a close as you can get to real racing without actually being in a car Take a look at the list of amazing features that VRacer™ offers:

Here's The Complete Overview Of Features: 3D Real Racing Simulator Based On Real-World Physics for gamers, researchers, engineers and enthusiasts
 Choose from 40+ racing car models and 30+ international you'll never run out of new machines and places to race
 Realistic Controls & Real Effects...built on real-world variables to mimic "real driving " ... to give you the actual experience of race car driving.
 Real-World Variables & Damage Model that takes into account fuel usage, actual damage/collision, tire wear and grip, and suspension settings that gives you the experience of handling an actual race car. Sophisticated Physical Model that calculates the G-Force, braking, acceleration, rotational speed of each wheel, engine speed, and other details that would help replicate the same scenario as a real racer.
 True Racing AI featuring over 50 different types of AI so that every race is different!
 Realistic Environmental Features that includes ground effects and spoilers, lighting and smoke to simulate real driving action!
 Customize Your Car & Race Track... gives you endless editing options and customization to create your dream car or dream race track!
 Supports all hardware (joysticks, steering wheels, pedals, game pads, ...) to give you an immersive experience if you desire! Multiplayer Option... to allow you to race against other online users or split-screen for 4 way local battles! Supports PC and Mac OS X … so you can use it no matter what computer you have at home Multi-Computer License to give you the freedom to install on as many computers as you like. There are no restrictions.
 Pay for it once and install it on multiple computers. FREE Lifetime Updates from the open source community… so you never have to spend an extra dime for your future updates

VRacer Car Racing Banner

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